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Licensed, Bonded & Insured

When you put off cleaning a dirty bedroom until someone asks to visit, it’s usually because you feel overwhelmed.

Bedroom clutter tends to do that to a person.

What if we could show you how to transform your space into a cleaner, more inviting room within minutes?

It’s not only possible; it’s surprisingly simple.

Professional cleaners do it all the time!

In this guide, we’ll walk you through how to clean your room fast.

We have some cleaning hacks that will help you go from messy to visitor-ready in no time.

Time to roll up your sleeves and get your room in tip-top shape!

Declutter Your Space

First grab your decluttering supplies: a sturdy trash bag and an eagle eye for clutter.

The first step to a quick room cleanup is to get rid of bedroom clutter.

Empty snack wrappers, crumpled paper, and old magazines-they all go straight into the bag.

Then, pick up items that don’t belong in your room.

Wherever they came from, return them to their rightful place.

This will make the rest of the cleaning process go much smoother.

Take a quick visual survey of your room.

Look for items that have wandered from where they belong.

That textbook on the nightstand, the stray sock sticking out from under the bed and misplaced items disrupt the harmony in your room.

Restoring order and breathing a little freshness into your space sets the stage for a quick and efficient room cleanup.

Speedy Surface Cleaning

Gather your cleaning arsenal: Microfiber cloth and a gentle multipurpose cleaning solution.

Use the top-to-bottom cleaning approach.

It’s what professional house cleaners use.

Start with the tops of bookshelves, the tops of furniture, and ceiling fan blades.

Dust is sneaky, It settles downward, so starting at the top ensures you won’t need to re-clean lower surfaces again later.

To make your room sparkle, tackle dust and surface grime first.

Use a microfiber cloth for effective dust capture.

Why opt for a microfiber cloth? 

Microfiber makes a fantastic dust magnet.

The cloth traps particles, leaving surfaces remarkably clean and streak-free.

The key to using a microfiber cloth is to dampen it lightly if needed but avoid oversaturating.

As you work your way down, wipe down surfaces of dressers, desks, and nightstands.

Clean any smudges or sticky spots along the way.

Don’t forget light fixtures.

Overhead light fixtures or lamps can accumulate dust, which affects the room’s brightness.

Gently clean them with your microfiber cloth.

Revive the Floors

You might think reviving the floors in your room means deep carpet cleaning or waxing hardwood.

The good news is you can revitalize floors in less than an hour.

It’s a similar process to what professional cleaning people use.

Gather your tools: A mop with a disposable or microfiber pad, a bucket, warm water, and a few drops of mild dish soap.

If you have carpet, pull out the vacuum.

The warm, soapy water is for hard surfaces.

It’s a gentle solution and cleans without leaving a residue.

Anytime you damp mop floors, start at one end of the room and move towards the door.

If you have stubborn spots on the floor or grimy buildup, gently scrub with the microfiber cloth.

After you damp mop, rinse the floor with a clean mop head or cloth dampened in plain water.

No soapy residue is left behind to dull the floors!

Either let the floor air dry or dry with a clean towel.

Here’s our favorite cleaning hack for carpets: Start with a clean vacuum cleaner bag or filter.

Empty the canister often.

Vacuum high-traffic areas first, as they tend to accumulate dirt.

Then, use the vacuum’s crevice tool on the edges and corners.

Make multiple passes and go over each section of carpet in different directions.

Shine Up Those Reflective Surfaces

Revitalize mirrors and glass surfaces with a glass cleaner and a lint-free cloth or paper towels.

This not only enhances the cleanliness of your room but also brightens it up.

Smudged mirrors and glass can make a room look dingy.

When they’re clean, it enhances the room’s cleanliness.

Always dust mirrors and glass surfaces before you clean.

That way you won’t scratch the glass with grit.

Spray a light mist of the glass cleaner over the surfaces.

Wipe immediately with your lint-free paper towels.

You’ll be amazed at how refreshed and rejuvenated your room feels after you clean the mirrors and glass surface.

Throw Open the Windows and Doors

When you need to revitalize your room swiftly, a few tricks can make a world of difference.

Here, we’ll cover two essential components of a quick room refresh: ventilation and scent.

These elements can work wonders to breathe new life into your space:

Stagnant air in a small room is extremely unpleasant.

Opening windows and doors and letting in a fresh breeze can make all the difference.

When the revitalizing air from outdoors circulates, it helps eliminate odors.

What if you don’t have cross-ventilation?

Use fans! Position one near an open window to draw in outdoor air.

Ceiling fans make great air distributors.

If you don’t have one, consider installing one soon.

If you have a favorite scent, see if it’s available in a room spray or scented candle.

They might be temporary, but they’re great for a quick burst of room-freshening fragrance.

One creative way to freshen the smell of a room is to place a bowl of baking soda infused with a few drops of your favorite essential oil in a corner.

It gradually absorbs odors and releases a subtle, pleasant scent.

Now You Know How to Clean Your Room Fast


You know how to clean your room fast using quick cleaning hacks.

Your room should now pass inspection if a friend (or your mother) drops by for a visit.

If you ever find yourself pressed for time, why not hire a professional to clean your room and other living spaces?

Reach out to Magnolia Cleaning Services and request a quote.

We offer standard and deep cleans at affordable prices and stand behind our solid reputation here in Venture County.

We’d love to talk with you about your cleaning needs.

If you ever find yourself pressed for time, why not hire a professional for house cleaning in Ventura, CA, to clean your room and other living spaces? At Magnolia Cleaning Company, we offer standard cleaning to deep cleaning and move-in/move-out cleaning, Schedule an appointment  call us at (805) 330-2210


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