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Ever wondered why keeping your home clean makes you feel so good?

Psychologists surmise that it’s because it gives people a feeling of control over their environment.

Naturally, you feel the complete opposite when you can’t keep pace with the dirt.

From work to kids, there’s plenty on the docket already.

Much of it is a higher priority than putting your precious abode in order.

Instead, you get long periods of disarray interrupted by short periods of pristine cleanliness.

The key is knowing how to keep your house clean all the time.

Even for busy bees, there are a couple of nifty house cleaning tips that lighten the burden.

Let’s discuss those strategies to keep a clean house with a busy schedule.

Clean as You Go

There’s no easier way to clean than to do it as you make the mess in question.

Say, for example, you are cooking a meal.

Immediately after, you wash the dishes and scour the countertop.

Most people avoid this because, well, it’s an annoyance.

A minor inconvenience we are not in the mood for.

It’s only later, when the mess piles up, that we are forced to confront it anyway.

Cleaning as you go is about confronting the problem head-on, regardless of mood.

If you can master forcing yourself to do that undesirable cleaning now, you change your mindset about cleaning completely.

Not Cleaning Everyday is Procrastination

All things considered, it’s the superior strategy.

When you leave the cleaning for later, you are procrastinating, creating anxiety that lingers until said cleaning takes place.

You are effectively torturing yourself long-term out of laziness.

Of course, observe this rule within reason.

You don’t have to sweep behind yourself to collect the dust from your steps.

Just find ways to tidy up after activities that make your home noticeably more filthy.

Form Good Habits

It might just be that your habits are contributing to increased or excessive mess.

A perfect example is how you leave your bed each morning.

Do you make it, or ignore it since, hey, you’ll ruin it again later, anyway?

There are a number of benefits to forming good habits, like making your bed.

But that’s beside the point.

The intention here is to create habits that reduce mess.

Other Ways to Reduce Mess

Aside from making your bed, there are lots of good habits that lighten the load for later.

For example, consider making everyone take off their shoes before coming inside.

You’d be surprised how much less filthy your floors will be.

Leave outside dirt where it belongs: outside!

We could go on all day about cleanliness-oriented habits.

Suffice it to say, you can make infinite tweaks to you and your family’s behaviors that achieve similar results.

Do Smaller Cleaning Runs More Often

What tends to happen is longer and longer periods between cleaning sessions.

You may only clean once a week, or once every two weeks.

There’s a law of the universe when it comes to cleaning.

Filth multiplies at an exponential rate.

The amount of filth after two weeks will be double or even triple what it was after one week.

Wait too long, and your regular cleaning routine turns into a regular deep cleaning routine.

Schedule “Mini Cleanings”

So, form a habit of performing more frequent “mini cleanings.”

Spend no longer than 10 to 30 minutes cleaning one specific place.

For example, doing a quick run-through of the bathroom.

Wipe the countertops, the mirror, and clean the toilet.

You’re not here to scrub the grout white; just to keep the grime at bay.

Delegate the Work

It’s not 1950 anymore. It’s 2023, and women are no longer the sole individuals responsible for a home’s cleanliness.

The husband and kids can and should do their part.

Far too often there’s only one person handling the chores.

Those not accustomed to it forget or don’t even bother.

It’s important to remind everyone of the role they play in a household.

Create a Job Board

The best way to keep a house clean is to delegate.

Assign small, simple tasks for cleaning everyday.

These could be things we mentioned earlier, such as making one’s bed.

You can do this in a creative way, if you like.

Fashion a job board that you can hang on the wall.

Each person has a set of tasks with their picture next to them.

The tasks should revolve from person to person each week.

That way, no one gets stuck with the least desirable options.

This can be separate from a child’s regular chores, too.

The key is to make sure they are truly small, easy-to-do things (ten minutes or less).

If frequent enough, they could perhaps replace regular chores entirely.

Do More Frequent Laundry

Laundry tends to be one of the biggest items on the weekend cleaning list.

There are entire hampers full of whites, colors, and delicates piling up slowly.

Come Saturday, the washing machine can expect to run until Monday.

It’s not just a headache when you realize how much it adds to your weekend labor.

People start to run out of clothes.

No one likes to wear a pair of underwear two days in a row!

Laundry Smaller Batches

So, do laundry multiple times throughout the week.

Most washers have settings for smaller, quicker loads.

That way, you avoid overloading your energy or water bills.

Plus, this gives you the chance to air dry your clothes if you like.

Air drying keeps them from shrinking and makes them feel–and smell–better.

It also cuts down on your energy bill, since dryers suck up a lot of juice.

Learn How to Keep Your House Clean With Magnolia

Knowing how to keep your house clean all the time is about changing the way you clean entirely.

Clean as you go, delegate tasks, and perform smaller cleaning sessions.

Changing your habits can, in many cases, reduce what you have to clean later.

At some point, though, cleaning is robbing you of precious time.

Consider scheduling a standard cleaning with Magnolia Cleaning Services.

Let us handle the scrubbing and mopping you dread so you can live in peace.

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