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Licensed, Bonded & Insured

Maintaining a clean space is essential for your well-being.

If you’re struggling to make time in your schedule to deep clean your home, you’re not alone.

Deep cleaning services can ensure your house isn’t full of dust, grime, and allergens.

You can feel confident that you and your family are living in pristine conditions.

Now, you may be wondering “How much does deep cleaning cost?”.

This is a great question that we’re going to answer for you.

The average hourly price for deep cleaning services has increased since COVID.

It’s now between $55 to $65 an hour.

Before hiring a professional service, you need all the information to get the best deal possible.

Below, you’ll discuss everything you need to know about deep cleaning your home.

A Clean House: Factors to Consider

Before the pandemic, the cost per hour for cleaning services was around $30.

Now that there’s been a price increase, you need to be aware of the factors that contribute to the cost of deep cleaning services.


The first is the size of your home or condo.

As you may expect, larger spaces require more time, resources, and effort, therefore increasing the cost.

Keep in mind, the number of rooms, bathrooms, and living areas will impact your final bill.

If you’re on a small budget, you may want to reduce the number of rooms you have cleaned.

Your kitchen, primary bedroom, and bathroom may be the dirtiest.

You can have a team of professionals focus on those areas if you don’t have a lot of extra money to spend.

Scope of Cleaning

The overall cost will also be determined by the scope of the cleaning.

Do you need comprehensive cleaning?

Do you need the carpets, upholstery, and high-rise windows cleaned?

If so, you can expect to pay more than your basic deep cleaning fee.

You’ll need to take the time to talk with the professional to know which services you need.

This will help you get an accurate quote so you aren’t blindsided at the end of the service.


You need to consider how often you need or want your home deep cleaned.

If you opt to have a professional company deep clean your home more frequently, you may save some money.

A one-time cleaning service tends to be more expensive than recurring services.

Condition of the Space

When you’re calculating “how much does deep cleaning cost?”, you’ll need to evaluate your space.

If it’s been months since you have had your house or condo cleaned, it’s likely going to be more expensive.

Are there a lot of old stains that need removing?

Has a lot of dust and grime built up over the past few weeks?

The additional time and resources needed to clean the stubborn stains and dirt will add to the overall cost.

What’s Included

If you’ve had your condo cleaned before, you probably know what is included in a basic house cleaning, but do you know what deep cleaning services are?

A deep clean is going to include all the basic cleaning services plus extra.

It will be more detailed and comprehensive.

You’re paying for a team to clean and sanitize your entire home.

Detailed dusting is one of the reasons so many people invest in deep cleanings.

A pro will clean all intricate and hard-to-reach items.

This will include light fixtures, decorations, and crown molding.

This is time-consuming, which is why it’s not typically included in a basic cleaning.

Your carpet and rugs will not only be vacuumed but steamed and shampooed.

This helps remove any stains and dust that are embedded in the fabric.

If there are any spots in your upholstery, it will be spot-cleaned.

This can be a great service if you have young children or pets.

Deep cleaning includes removing items from the cabinets and wiping down the interior.

This doesn’t need to be done weekly or biweekly, but every once in a while, it is beneficial.

If you don’t have carpet in your home and the flooring is tile, you can expect the grout to be cleaned and treated.

The hardwood floors will be scrubbed as well.

Bathrooms are hard to clean and not the most glamorous task.

However, scum and mildew don’t need to be on the tiles.

Standard vs Deep Cleaning Services

It’s normal to have questions about the difference between a standard cleaning and a deep clean.

The first is the frequency.

You don’t need to deep clean your house every week.

While a standard cleaning can be done weekly or bi-weekly to maintain basic cleaning.

A deep cleaning service is typically quarterly or even semi-annually, depending on your lifestyle and home.

Standard cleaning will be less intensive.

You can expect basic vacuuming, mopping, and dusting.

During a deep clean service, the baseboards will be cleaned as well as the inside of the appliances, and more.

The goal of a deep cleaning service is to eliminate deep-seated first and stains.

Areas that are typically forgotten about or overlooked during standard cleaning will be taken care of.

Standard cleaning is more focused on maintaining surface-level cleanliness.

Another difference is the cost.

Deep cleaning services are going to be more expensive.

Standard cleaning is more frequent, which leads to less intensive services.

You can think of standard cleaning as general and basic.

It helps you live comfortably in your home.

A deep cleaning is best done before special events, parties, or before you move into a new property.

Answered: How Much Does Deep Cleaning Cost?

While the cost of deep cleaning is high, it’s worth it to know your living space is clean and tidy.

You may not even realize how dusty and dirty your condo is until a residential cleaning company cleans it thoroughly.

Knowing the answer to “How much does deep cleaning cost?”, can help you make an informed decision.

It’s worth the investment.

Here at Magnolia Cleaning Services, we prioritize your trust.

We know how important your home is and we can help you keep it clean.

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