Licensed, Bonded & Insured

Licensed, Bonded & Insured

When you’re ready to leave an apartment, you need to leave it spotless.

After all, how clean the apartment looks may determine whether you get your security deposit back or not.

But when you’re already navigating a big life change, you might not have the time to clean.

Hiring an apartment move out cleaning service makes a lot of sense.

Read on to learn nine reasons why!

1. Lower Your Stress Levels

Moving already is a stressful experience. From packing to arranging transportation, there are a lot of details to consider. And you don’t need one more thing, like cleaning, to add to your task list.

When you outsource the cleaning responsibilities, you’ll keep the stress at bay. You can focus your energy on prepping for a new job or looking for a new home. And you can trust that the cleaning will be thorough.

2. Get a Quality Cleaning

While you may have a bottle of cleaning agent in your closet and a vacuum, you probably don’t have the sophisticated cleaning products that professional cleaners use. Consequently, you may not have the solution to caked-on grease, soap scum, and other common cleaning issues.

Professional cleaners will know what to do. They’ll have products that are appropriate for different types of surfaces, such as laminate or marble. They’ll know the cleaning tricks to make a stovetop gleam again and understand how to remove carpet stains.

You’re better off letting professionals bring their expertise to the situation. They can resurrect dirty grout and dust your baseboards. Ultimately, you can count on a quality cleaning that leaves no detail unnoticed.

3. Save Time

Saving time during the moving process is probably one of your top goals. That’s where cleaning services can step in and help you achieve that goal.

Rather than devoting hours to scrubbing sink basins and floor tiles, you can work on other pressing tasks when you hire cleaners. And best of all, you won’t need to rope your friends into helping you clean.

Professional cleaners can come in at a scheduled time that is convenient for you. And they’ll only take a few hours, especially with multiple cleaners, to complete the job.

4. Choose the Services You Want

If your bathroom looks rough, you can ask a cleaning team to focus their energy there. Or if you have a kitchen with a dirty stove top, cleaners can concentrate their efforts there.

When you hire cleaners, you’ll help guide what they do. Create a list of the most troublesome areas for them to tackle. Consider blinds, ceiling fans, and other elements of your space that you haven’t had the time to clean.

5. Honor Your Lease Agreement

Did you know that you may be required to do a move out cleaning? Check your lease agreement, as many specify cleaning as one of your final tasks. And it will need to meet your landlord’s expectations.

Landlords can save time by asking the tenants to do the cleaning. While this isn’t always ideal for tenants, it is a common requirement. If you leave behind a messy apartment with sticky countertops and dirty floors, you may end up paying a fine.

6. Make the Space Look Better

Another reason to hire professional cleaners is to make the apartment look refreshed. Property owners will appreciate this effort since it can help them fill the vacancy more quickly.

If you ever need a reference from a landlord, a spotless apartment helps your cause. They’ll be able to verify that you’re a responsible and clean tenant. You’ll also have the peace of mind of knowing that you’ve been a diligent tenant.

7. Use Healthier Cleaning Products

Many cleaning products you find on store shelves are abrasive. Harsh chemicals may promise a quality clean, but they can endanger your health in the process or trigger allergies. This is especially true if you’re using them in areas that aren’t ventilated well.

Hiring a local cleaning company can give you a healthier alternative. Many companies will use products that are better for the environment. As the one hiring them, you can even request eco-friendly products or only hire a company that uses them.

Greener products won’t be weaker in terms of their cleaning capabilities. But you’ll be less likely to experience physical reactions, like coughing or headaches. And you can feel good that you’re making a better choice for the environment.

8. Save Money

Are you on a tight budget? You may be wary of spending more money on professional cleaning services. But they cost less than you might expect.

For a smaller space and a limited amount of time, you could spend less than $100. And you can specify that the cleaners spend their time in one area, such as the bathroom. The investment is well worth it if you can ensure a clean apartment upon your departure.

9. Get Your Deposit Back

When you sign a lease for an apartment, you usually have to put down a security deposit. This is a form of protection for the landlord. If you damage the apartment or fail to keep it in good shape during your stay, this deposit can help the landlord cover repairs and cleaning costs.

The security deposit may be the equivalent of one month’s rent. Or sometimes it may be more. It’s a significant upfront investment when you sign your lease.

If you leave your apartment in good shape, you should get the deposit back. But you’ll need to make sure everything is scrubbed clean and shows minimal wear and tear.

A professional cleaning company has the expertise and experience to make this happen. They will use the appropriate cleaning products to remove grime and dust. As a result, you’ll stand a better chance of getting your security deposit back.

Hire an Apartment Move Out Cleaning Service

An apartment move out cleaning service saves you time while providing a spotless apartment.

You’ll have cleaning experts who can help you get your security deposit back. They’ll also save you time and money.

Magnolia Cleaning Services gives you an affordable and quality solution when you need a clean apartment in Ventura County.

Contact us today to learn more!

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